baningo connects financial institutions to customers and prospects through software solutions that combine digital & analog in an innovative way.
Brytlyt is a GPU Database & Analytics platform that is transforming the way businesses are using data with in-platform AI.
ClauseMatch is an award-winning London-based financial technology company that provides a software-as-a-service platform for smart document management.
iCEIBA takes over the claim recovery & litigation process while providing instant liquidity to businesses, with a focus on legitimate sub-$1M claims.
Itilite helps organizations digitize their business travel and expense management operations to reduce their spending in a way employees love.
STRYME is an innovative video solution expert for broadcasters, telecommunication companies and cable MSOs.
Txture offers a software platform for managing large-scale cloud transformations and optimizing multi-cloud infrastructures to enable transformation momentum.
VIPO is a company that provides automatic customer profiling based on cutting edge technology. They allow middle and large retail stores to deliver a better brand experience.
Gamitee is a B2B2C SaaS company that helps people book trips with their friends online in the most convenient way.
Geek Apps is a full solution platform for DIY mobile app building, digital advertising & business growth tools.
Jobful is a recruitment platform through gamification where candidates create profiles based on skills tested and developed through playing.
kompany is the RegTech platform for Global Business Verification and Business KYC providing the audit-proof, primary source, and time-stamped company information in real-time.
Save A Train has a developed a unique rail ticketing technology, and has partnered with airlines and technology partners on multimodality of air + rail routes.
ZigZag Global is a software platform to help retailers manage returns globally. Acquired by Global Blue in 2021 for $70M.
aagey.com is a one stop destination for all MSME finance needs like business expansion, tech upgrades, acquiring new business lines, adding plants or machinery.
Curian offers cannabis pioneers software and hardware-as-a-service essential to build and scale an extraction lab.
Geneyx is a computer software company that offers an integrated cloud-based genetic data platform.
Golfscape is the industry leader providing its reservations and operations services in over 30 golf destinations across Europe, Africa, Near East, and Asia-Pacific.
Bambu Systems develops mobile-based financial services products that enable consumers to transact conveniently and securely.
Pitz is an App that rewards soccer players for their passion, changing the way global amateur soccer is lived and organized.
Plantica reconciles cities with nature through the installation of green roofs and green walls.
WeBuy is liberating the commercial exchange of values on the Blockchain by rewarding Buyers for their participation in an ecosystem that has failed to recognized their importance until now.
Audiciones Latinas is an innovative network service provider, to resolve the needs of professional performing artists & recruiter s in seeking/finding employment.
Hishi is a direct to consumer company developing natural and customized skincare adapted to your skin, lifestyle ans environment.
Polar Stork works with founders and builds mobile apps, websites and web applications that will allow you to grow your business, improve users' experience and generate more revenue.
Rocketium is a creative automation platform helping brands and businesses improve in-app and website conversions through video and display banner automation.
ShareMyBag is the first sharing economy platform for fashion.
Akur8 is a developer of an AI-driven insurance pricing platform designed to provide AI-powered pricing automation and optimization for insurance carriers.
Datavora provides E-Commerce data, collected every day from marketplaces on the Web.
Expat.com is the leading platform for those who are currently living or wish to live abroad. It provides free information and advice to expats and soon-to-be expats.
HotWax Commerce enables retailers to run their online and in-store businesses on one unified cloud.
Paiblock includes a powerful set of AI tools that helps banks, brands and retail businesses leverage data to understand their customers in order to better serve them.
Qudini is a a software tool for service businesses with physical venues to seamlessly manage their resources, customers and operations, all within a single platform.
DeTect is completely automated remote control system. After the first installation of the product, the company does not need to manually intervene the area of interest.
Faveeo is the first AI-Driven trusted content platform. Faveeo is a smart AI-driven tool highlighting only reliable, meaningful content on any topic, by finding and following the most trusted sources.
Humanitec is the fastest way to build your Internal Developer Platform (IDP). It helps organizations relieve pressure from ops by structuring scripts and making developers self-serve the tech they need.
Paytomat is a decentralized system for Cryptocurrency Payments. Social media enabled payments with cryptocurrencies.
TagBox is creating more reliable and sustainable cold chains. They do so through solutions at the intersection of the Internet of Things.
Dashmote builds end-to-end AI solutions and computer vision to help brands understand and predict consumer trends based on where, when, and what people are posting on social media.
iPressLIVE offers a news platform that enables its users to communicate and share their ideas with the other users.
Plytix is Product Information Management (PIM) software. Plytix is the most popular PIM on the market among small to medium-sized retail businesses.
The Royal Brothers are here to serve the dire need for efficient, affordable mobility by providing a reliable and high-quality experience with bike rentals.
SocialPubli.com is a influencer marketing platform that connects advertisers with influencers through social media.
The marketplace for market research, we are transforming the market research industry making it now, easy, fast and affordable.
Automat-IT is a software consultancy that enables organizations accelerate innovation through the adoption of cloud-native computing.
Disruptivo TV is a digital media of social entrepreneurship, startups, and businesses. The company seeks to make social entrepreneurship accessible to people through a media outlet.
Homely is the first on- demand based marketplace in Mexico to match trusted cleaners and users.
Agua Piedra Mezcal & Co. produce MEZCAL a spirit obtained from the agave plant and crafted into a high-end and smoky spirit
ByPrice providse a cost-effective & powerful e-commerce scraping tools that will save clients time, money and manpower, putting them at the forefront of their competition.
Homie is a long term rentals market place that use technology and a disruptive model to solve bottom line problems in the real estate industry.
Innovesta is a cutting-edge digital crowd diligence platform creating an online community.
Local Adventures is a travel experience aggregator making joint ventures with local operators to improve the quality of experiences and then distribute these experiences using their platform.
MatchX offers reliable, long distance, wireless LoRaWAN networking solutions for your IoT project. MatchX weather-resistant, outdoor gateways create a reliable low cost network.
Merchandisers use nfinite™ to quickly and easily create & manage 3D visual content without any technical experience.
Synapbox is a startup that uses AI-powered tools to understand consumer engagement towards ads
Locus is an intelligent logistics automation and decision-making platform that comes with in-built route planning and vehicle allocation engine which improves consistency and efficiency of operations.
Porpoise is an employee engagement platform for companies that have corporate responsibility initiatives and are looking to automate involvement, measurement and reporting.
Revinax specializes in virtual reality training for high-risk professions, precision skills and immersive presentations.
Singa is the Spotify of karaoke for personal and commercial use. Access a catalog of 20 000+ songs to sing effortlessly anywhere, any time and with any platform.
SOS IN Bel Air is a creative house merging creativity and production.
A nimble, multi-disciplinary team of design & technology professionals specialized in mobile/web apps and responsive web design.
Cultura Colectiva is a social, modern and powerful movement that seeks to incorporate art and culture into people's daily lives through new digital media.
Helps fashion seekers discover and shop the best independent designers from around the world while contributing to the fashion community.
Photolemur is world's first automated photo enhancement solution for Mac and Windows using image recognition, artificial intelligence, and a little bit of real-world magic.