Equip leaders and teams with the mindset and no-regret skills to navigate through change and build an exciting career.

Our Mission


"more than
a learning program,
it's a movement"

challenge STATUS-QUO

We believe that our jobs, organizations, business models are constantly changing and will always be. While some fear change, those with a future-oriented and optimistic mindset will thrive in a fast-changing environment.

Believe in the power of teams

We believe that experience sharing and team collaboration is what makes us grow, go further, and crush our limits. It makes the journey worthwhile.

STrive for impact

We believe that people should focus on what matters and seek the no-regret skills every confirmed leaders wish they had had from the beginning 
in order to take action and make impactful decisions.

Learning is part of your life

We believe that you shouldn't be forced to pause your career to learn. Continuous learning is what will make you stand out and be prepared to spot opportunities to finally jump into your next adventure.


"The most memorable moments of my entrepreneurial and leadership journey are the decisive moments I share with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors. Sharing real and actionable tips on challenges such as how to manage your team, recruit the right people, better manage your energy, build an inclusive culture or pivot a product is my most powerful source of learning.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, work in an NGO, a startup or a large company, there is a common ground for the most essential skills you have to master.
At NUMA, we believe that this mindset and those skills should be shared widely. For the good of your career, your life and your organization."

Romain Cochet - CEO

"act like
is possible"

"What I remember the most from my entrepreneurial journey is the decisive moments I shared with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and experts. Sharing concrete tips on how to solve a situation, recruit the right people or pivot a product helped me shape my style as a leader and improve myself as an entrepreneur. Most competencies I learnt during this journey still remain the main competencies I use on a daily basis 10 years after I built my first startup.

And I actually believe that the mindset I got and the skills I acquired when I was building my companies should be shared massively. That’s what still help today turn challenges and changes into exciting opportunities for NUMA, the team and myself."

Romain Cochet - CEO

broaden horizons for the next generation

We believe that the next generation of business leaders should come from more diverse backgrounds. This can't happen if we don't open horizons to young people and change their vision of work to make them more confident about their future.

Our foundation is dedicated to building impactful learning programs for young students from low-privileged backgrounds. Our goal ? Equip them with the mindset to build an exciting career.

In 2020, our foundation has helped 50 young students open their horizons and have a broader picture of what their future can be.