Sophie's Story


Sophie is Head of Account Management at Lucca, a platform specialized in HR management. She knew NUMA for its great acceleration programs dedicated to companies, so she couldn’t resist when we offered her to boost her own career.

The Hard Things About Management, according to Sophie

The manager’s need for structure and organization: facing the huge challenge of structuring her sales team, Sophie needed to set up processes that work, adopt a clear and impactful communication… To get it straight, she had to get her management in shape.

Feedback : feedback is a gift… As long as you dare offering someone such a double-edged gift.

No bullshit Management

The right balance between concrete tips and case studies dealing with difficult topics under real-conditions. Sophie made the most of her 6 weeks program to implement new practices among her colleagues that she enjoys calling “her guinea pigs”.


One on ones that became recurring rituals.

Sophie saw a real difference in her self-confidence and she knows that she brings more value to her colleagues, who often thank her for her “follow-ups 2.0”.

Adopting the position of a manager.

Not only does she do things better, she also knows why she adopted some managing habits and the value they bring to her whole team. She always had a strong human fit, but Nouvelle Vague helped her finding the right focus : “Once you know where you’re heading and how, everyone does.”

The new habits she plans to keep:

Experience sharing. Sophie thinks it is now her turn to share her knowledge with her team. During one of her weekly kick-off, she showed them one of Nouvelle Vague's slides, to encourage them to give and get some feedbacks.

Customized one on ones. Sophie wants to find her own way of doing her one on ones, to make sure they are fully dedicated to her colleagues.

Mentoring, to benefit from the advice of top professionals.

The bad habits she's lost:

One on ones turned into reporting sessions.

Conveying her own feelings on her colleagues while giving them some feedback.

“It isn’t easy to demonstrate that a manager’s position doesn’t depend of his expertise or function, but Nouvelle Vague did it brilliantly.”