Rosita's story

Air France

Rosita serves as SDA Learning Consultant at Air France. Being in the education ecosystem herself, she wanted to give training programs a better reputation. She took part in our Design Thinking program in order to open herself up to new problem-solving techniques.

Her challenges:

Work on her blind spots to discover and implement new working habits in her teams.

Website: since Rosita is responsible for redesigning the company’s website, she was curious about learning new techniques to improve her customer research.

The new habits she plans to keep:

Dig deeper: Rosita learned how to implement new methods to design a clear value proposition and validate (or invalidate) her intuitions.

Implement Design Thinking methods: Rosita now leads a study-group and is teaching her team techniques to think out of the box.

Design workshops: to bring more creativity to her brainstorming sessions.

The bad habits she's lost:

Investigating a problem through subjective biases: Her goal is to solve problems step by step and remain as objective as possible.

Only looking for a cause, rather than a solution: Finding the right solution takes time. When Rosita didn’t give herself enough time, she ended up with a solution that didn’t meet the customer’s needs.

“It’s such a competitive advantage to have people from different companies in the same program. It increases open-mindness and encourages participants to share their common challenges and personal methodologies. Attending small group sessions remotely made it easier for me to share experience and knowledge with coaches and the other participants.”