Let's celebrate the post-covid19 managerial revolution

Claudio Vandi
Claudio Vandi
Head of Content @ NUMA
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Forced to deal with the lockdown, remote management was an opportunity to develop new rituals as much as a big challenge exposing some dysfunctional practices. The after-COVID world will call for a deep change in management in order to meet workers’ expectations.

Flash back: a controversial management before COVID-19

Before the crisis, management already suffered a controversial reputation. These last 2 years witnessed an increasing number of investigations. Pointing the lack of trust, gratitude and overwhelming plannings… they all agree on one thing: management needs to be better taken care of. Among the recent studies, ADP, pioneer in human management, revealed earlier this year that the dysfunctions of management were the major cause for the insufficient productivity, according to most of the french workers interviewed. Managing behaviours that, in worst case scenarios, cause the workers to resign. While the global pandemic put some organizations at risk, it also highlighted important issues regarding the current functioning of teams. 

Management & lockdown: facing the truth

Micromanagement, administrative management, opposition to a coaching culture… Lockdown acted as a “stress-test” and revealed the pressing need to come back to a finest manager: a pilot who guides teams, creates alignment, gives purpose… and fosters commitment. 

Uber and its massive layoffs will remain an example of the management that we need to move away from. Why? The leadership team decided to record a 3min video to make the announcement, a sad remake of “Up in the Air” without George Clooney in it… One thing we all agree on: this communication style, expeditious and dehumanized, shows cruel lack of empathy given the circumstances.

There is no correct answer, especially in uncertain times, but taking a management role seriously implies having at least a flexible and facilitated relationship with employees to increase the impact we have on them.

A performing manager has to handle the work allocation and target realistic objectives, whilst making sure his employees have the necessary resources and support to achieve their goals no matter the situation. Development programs will have to be designed according to this new era for managers to be able to overcome the challenges of a constantly changing business world.

Entering a new era of management

Managers acted as directors of resources for too long. The post-covid19 trend is to a more central manager. A manager who knows how to be a leader, who keeps up the pace, cares and listen, while keeping his agility and efficiency. A manager who understands that trust and freedom are key to foster acceptance and a great execution of a company’s strategy.

Above all, tomorrow’s management is meant to be adapted to different contexts and people’s personalities. The old days are gone and a deep transformation must occur to put people first. For what we know, by 2030 most of today’s jobs won’t exist anymore and many others will emerge, coming along with new norms and new skills. This projection helps us understand why managers have to act now. The revolution starts today and will define the companies that will succeed and the ones that won’t in tomorrow’s business world.


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