Augustin's Story


Augustin serves as the manager of Spendesk’s onboarding team, a french scale up handling professional expenses. His daily challenge since he took the job: finding the right balance between coaching and managing.

The hardest things about management, according to Augustin

The position of a manager: Augustin sees himself as a coach for his teammates, but since he became their manager, he needs to fully embody and undertake this new role.

Driving one on ones: saving time while taking some to help his colleagues develop their skills, mission impossible?

Giving feedback: he knew how important feedback was, but he didn’t realize that the personality of his colleagues had so much influence over it.

No Bullshit Management

Top actionable tips that Augustin live tested through each workshop before implementing them in his team.

2 practices tested and approved

One on ones dedicated to his colleagues:

their format was entirely redesigned, they become more effective and bring tru value to his colleagues. He saves a precious time and he can feel that he becomes a real support for his team.

(Real) actionable feedback:

he always asks himself how he could help best, what will encourage his colleagues to do better, but also what their expectations are.

The new habits he plans to keep:

Co-learning, to share best practices and learn from each other.

Networking with peers, to stay connected to alumnis.

The secret sauce mixing mentors fully engaged and sessions well-prepared to make the most of experience sharing.

The bad habits he's lost:

Packaged feedback for multiple personalities.

One on ones wasting time and energy.

“I loved the team’s commitment and mindset, they truly wanted to do things right and bring us value on the long run, it made me want to improve and surpass myself.”