Enzo's Story


Enzo is Head of Sales at Ouihelp, a french startup offering a home assistance for elderly. Taking up his first management role, Nouvelle Vague’s timing was perfect, in particular to help him design a recovery plan.

The Hard things About Management, according to Enzo

Take a step back. Time flies and Enzo couldn’t find time to stop and think about his managing skills and his areas of improvement.

Self-confidence. Enzo has his own vision of management, but until Nouvelle Vague he was not sure to be on the right track. This lack of confidence sometimes impacted his capacity to take action and try new things.

No bullshit Management

Various formats to discover “a new way to envision management, nothing like the one we’re used to”. As he started the training before taking his new position, he enjoyed testing practices in small groups to get familiar with situations he will face in the future.


Becoming a manager-coach.

Enzo knows how to distinguish between situations that call for a coaching posture and the ones that only call for a decision. He learned how to ask open questions and anticipate the reactions of his colleagues according to their profile.

The difference between weekly meetings and one on one meetings.

They both tackle different topics: one on ones are meant to be a moment dedicated to his colleagues, while the weekly must remain his meeting.

The new habits he plans to keep:

Follow-up after his one on ones. Enzo never forgets to send a follow-up email.

Neutral and objective feedback. Enzo tries to stick to the facts and is no longer overwhelmed by his own emotions.

The bad habits he's lost:

Inclusive but not impacting weekly meetings. Enzo now analyses his meetings with a critical eye and knows when they lose focus or effectiveness. He just has to keep training.

Fear of silence. He asks more and more open questions, and lets his colleagues break the silence by dropping a new topic.

“I discovered a vision of management in which I find myself, human, attentive and empathetic.”