Benjamin's Story


Benjamin has been in charge of Medical Science Liaison Hematology for 4 years at Janssen. As an aspiring manager, he enjoyed the L&D track dedicated to managers and aspiring managers and more specifically took part to the workshop about project management.

His challenges:

Time management: How to build a consistent and realistic retroplanning, build the right hypothesis and anticipate changes.

Project follow up and reporting: Set up objectives, engage around a project and get what he needs to move a project forward.

Agility: Identify what’s need to be kept, adapted or stopped to make the project work.

No bullshit training

Benjamin and some colleagues were involved in the design of the playlist to select the workshops that fitted the most their needs from both a business and a personal perspective.

Practice first

As soon as he learns competencies and practices that can be useful for his role, he focuses on turning them into habits immediately.


Benjamin implemented the GoW methodology with his manager to start implementing the practice himself before sharing it at larger scale. “It’s super quick to start using this methodology and allows me to spot the key actions of my week at a glance and assess if my week was successful or not.”

The new habits he plans to keep:

The bad habits he's lost:

“The coachs has been amazing. They took the time to understand my challenges and adapt their tips to my situation. Their advices were always very clear and well spotted.”