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Launch a new offer on the market in 3 months

How to launch a new service in less than 3 months ?

The Challenge

Develop a new service to generate B2C revenue.
The client : we worked with one of the global leaders of independent management and technology consulting, employing over 70,000 people worldwide, and over 1000 individuals in France.

The Solution

After co-designing an intrapreneurship program, inspired from the Design Thinking and Lean Startup Methods, a team of eight intrapreneurs joined NUMA over the course of 4 months to work on identifying opportunities for new B2C services. The fundamentals of this approach were :
You achieved in 3 months what we would have needed 12 months to get off the ground by ourselves… had we been able to do so »


Pre-work session with the management team to evaluate and map the skills necessary to execute this project properly. Based on this assessment, 8 intrapreneurs with various complementary skills were selected to create a project team.



This team was then coached two days per week in NUMA's offices, for 4 month, to train them to our methodology and to support them in their practice, week after week. At the end of this phase, the intrapreneurs had successfully developed a solution concept and had validated it on their market.



An « on-demand » coaching offer was then developed to provide extra support to the intrapreneurs through the following stages of the launch of their service :
- building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
- closing the first few sales
- adjusting their business model
The intrapreneurs were able to benefit from the experience of various NUMA coaches, and to get tangible answers to any question that would come along the way during their journey.


The company was therefore able to launch a new, relevant offer on a new market, at a record time. Beyond the business impact, the organization can now rely on a group of employees who master new skills and are able to broadcast them internally.
  • 8

    intrapreneurs trained to the lean methodologies

  • 3

    months of execution to launch the project

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