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Train 400 consultants to Design Thinking

How to improve the client relationship thanks to the principles of Design Thinking?

The Challenge

Train 400 consultants to Design Thinking and create the conditions of trust to implement a project mode within the organization.
The client : we worked with one of the global leaders of independent management and technology consulting, employing over 70,000 people worldwide, and over 1000 individuals in France.

The Solution

To do so, a global learning program focusing on the Design Thinking methodology was designed and delivered it to 400 consultants. The objective was to give them relevant tools, supported by tangible case studies, which would be easily actionable within their work environment. The fundamentals of this approach were :
The level of expertise of the trainers gave tangible answers and was constantly fed with examples. »
Director, Consulting Service


First step : a co-joint work with the project team to build case studies which reflected real, tangible market conditions. To do so, over 30 consultants were interviewed to evaluate and map the key needs for their practice.



Intensive, 2-day trainings were then facilitated by alternating pedagogical input and simulations based on client cases. Instead of applying the training to the entire Design Thinking process, a specific focus on the main methodology blocks which were relevant to the consultant’s practice was set : identify a problem, de-risk a solution, align stakeholders, etc.



After the training, the new skills of our learners were anchored though :
- On-demand coaching via live chat
- Content broadcasting
- Sharing events where individuals could share best practices and give feedback on their own experiences


After a year of training, the 400 consultants and newly « Business Designers » keep on leveraging their new skills and our methodologies on the ground.

The program allowed them to develop a more sales-oriented approach with their client, and also to align all the stakeholders during the collective thinking phase, which is a crucial phase during each of their projects. After its initial success, the program was also applied to the firm’s Managers.
  • 80

    average Net Promoter Score across all trainings

  • 400

    the number of consultants trained over a year

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