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Upskill an international marketing practice

How to upskill an entire Marketing team?

The Challenge

Create a Marketing training which would be equally performing and impactful, for teams geographically scattered and very diverse in terms of profiles.
The client : we collaborated with one of the luxury & beauty industry global leaders, which owns over 30 brands and employs over 38,000 people worldwide.

The Solution

A global program which encouraged collaboration and learning for 350 talents was co-designed, and a series of bootcamps was delivered over 7 months, across 12 countries. The fundamentals of this approach were :
It’s not a training, it’s a movement. »
Marketing & Media Director


The first step was time spent on the ground, with the teams to :
- Prioritize the key skills they needed to work on
- Identify the future ambassadors of the learning community, based on their leadership capacities



3-day trainings (bootcamps) were then designed and delivered, based on :
- Actionable case studies, inspired from real marketing challenges encountered by the marketing team
- A collaborative dynamic, by creating transversal, cross-brand teams
- Expert coaching from specialists coming from top startups



The learning experience did not stop at the end of each bootcamp. On the opposite, it went much further, through :
- The animation of learning communities on Slack (content sharing, best practices documentation, etc)
- The creation of working groups across the brands (“pop-up communities”) to tackle global marketing challenges
- The organization of an event in Berlin with 250 participants who presented the results of their experiments conducted through the “pop-up communities”


After eight weeks of intensive practice, an increase of the marketing campaign’s performance and a deep mindset shift amongs participants were measured . Over 350 talents collaborated along the program and keep on using the tools implemented during the program, in their day to day activities. The program was later on extended to other locations.
  • 30%

    increase in performance for the campaigns accelerated during the program

  • 78%

    average NPS across the 12 bootcamps

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