Thank You, NUMA: A Post-Accelerator Debrief

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Marisandra Lizzi
Marisandra Lizzi
Founder, iPressLive
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            Thank You NUMA: A Post Acceleration Debriefing

Marisandra pitching iPressLive at an industry event. Summer 2019.

There are three reasons why NUMA New York's 10 Week Soft Landing Accelerator Program were fundamental for iPressLIVE.

We’ve created an acronym to describe our experience: MEP, which stands for Mirror, Energy, and People.

M as a Mirror because we were standing in front of a magic mirror for the entire duration of the program.

It was very useful to experience the mirror effect right from the start.

Not a normal mirror, however, because the reflected image is not identical, but much more defined and clear than the original. Sometimes, it’s even upside down, but it’s always fundamental for understanding which changes need to be made. This magic mirror allows you to correct the mistakes and smudges on the reflected image until it becomes a perfect match for the ideal model you had in mind. A mirror that transforms and improves reality.

E as Energy because the air that we breathed from the first day to the last moment — and, even afterwards, once we’d returned — is made of positive energy.

Positive energy in the sense of creativity, positivity, strength. The idea that nothing is impossible, that “if you want to, you can”, is indeed part of the American DNA. It might have been New York, the sky, the skyscrapers of Manhattan, the “YES We Can” city, the green of the parks, the blue of the river or the ocean that surrounds the city on all sides, the Center for Kadampa Meditation, the Brooklyn bridge or the Coney Island rides that you can reach with the subway — with the same Q line that every day brought us from our home to the beautiful Alley co-working facility; it might have been the books we listened to on Audible and the infinite vastness of new titles that we discovered on Amazon, by changing the IP; it might have been the stories of the fantastic founder colleagues with whom we shared great experiences, the amazing level of NUMA’s mentors and team (Frances Simowitz, Giulia Imperatrice, Maor Gordon-Guterman, Grant Sahag, John Lynn, Ivan Piotrowski, Abdul Qadir Barbhaya), the colors, the sounds: every single day was a step forward in the construction of a dream that we’ve always had in our minds and that we could never have imagined actually bringing to life like we did here, in this city and in this context.

P for People because people have been the heart of everything.

We have created an incredible network of relationships; a network made not only of online connections, courteous or purely formal exchanges, but based on a real desire to help each other and compare notes. Some mentors are animated by the honest pleasure of “giving back,” they’re glad to help you and exchange visions. We’ve experienced many of these amazing connections that will certainly last well beyond the ten weeks of the acceleration program.

The world suddenly seems larger thanks to the doors opened by the helpfulness and kindness of the people in this network.

We are NUMA’s Alumni

Today we’re proud to be NUMA’s Alumni and feel a strong desire to “give back,” just like others did with us. We are inspired to do the same.

We need some time to implement everything that we learned and improved on in this program, but we will soon offer our services to the founders in our cohort, to NUMA’s team, and our wonderful mentors. It will be our tangible “thank you” to them.

We are currently testing our new beta platform in Italy, after having deployed it in New York. The emotion is tangible. During the next 15 weeks that separate us from the end of the year, we will release one sector at a time until we reach 20 reading sectors and 400 micro-categories.

We’re dreaming of a world where reading is easier and more concentrated, punctuated by our real interests and open to every possible media, from more traditional ones like newspapers and books, to the companies that today increasingly carry out their stories like actual media.

Every media has its authors, whether they’re journalists, writers, experts, startup founders or company captains. Through words, we imagine connecting readers to their favorite authors, which are selected with the help of our platform and our readers.

Words are steps to Human Connections

Thank you Lisa Patti for helping us find the right formula.

Thank you, NUMA. The program we took part in with you was exactly what we needed to restart with new momentum after a fairly difficult period. We weren’t aware of it, but it was exactly what we were missing for our flight to take off. We will be grateful to you forever.

And lastly, thank you for the most intense and exciting moment of the whole program, which will remain forever in my heart: speaking in front of an audience of experts and investors in a location like SAP’s with a view of the entire city of New York was like receiving an energy boost that keeps throbbing, and that I can’t wait to share with as many people as possible.

Numa New York is an international startup accelerator based out of New York City that helps early-stage & growth-stage startups scale into the US market. Read more here.

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